Facilities and Finance Committee


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9 October 2019 Agenda Minutes Finance Reports
10 September 2019 Agenda  Minutes Finance Reports 
23 July 2019  Agenda Minutes  
25 June 2019 Agenda Minutes  
28 May 2019 Agenda Minutes  
9 April 2019 Agenda Minutes  
19 February 2019 Agenda Minutes  
15 January 2019 Agenda Minutes  


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13 November 2018 Agenda Minutes Annual Return 310318
2 October 2018 Agenda Minutes  
31 July 2018 Agenda Minutes  
12 June 2018 Agenda Minutes  


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23 February 2017 Agenda not published

Asset Register

BDO Report


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31 October 2016 Agenda Minutes
1 September 2016 Agenda Minutes
2 June 2016 Agenda Minutes
14 March 2016 Agenda Minutes
27 January 2016 Agenda Minutes


The Finance Committee is responsible for oversight of the assets of the council, both financial and material.  At each meeting we review the operational finances, the risk register, any matters bought to our attention by the auditors and the impact on resources of changes in the operation of the council.  We may also be convened should a matter of urgency arise which is outside the scope of The Clerk’s authority.


Cllr K Divall - Chair

Cllr A Bean - Vice Chair

Cllr S Evans

Cllr R Gordon-Smith

Cllr B Jeffs