Welcome to New Alresford Town Council

Coronavirus Non Medical Support Launches!

The Town Council’s comprehensive coronavirus support structure is now live.

This will ensure that nobody in New Alresford is left isolated or in need of the basic provisions of food and medicine over the coming months.

Our plan follows a three level approach:

Level 1 - You should first rely on your network of family, friends and neighbours.

Level 2 - Should that no longer be effective, you can contact our nominated street volunteers who will make themselves known to you. They will arrange help for you.

Level 3 - If there is no street volunteer available, you can contact our dedicated support service on 01962 674990 or newalresfordhelp@gmail.com

This service is staffed from 8.00am to 8.00pm by the Town Council and its volunteers. They will arrange help for you.

This service is for those in genuine need because they are elderly or vulnerable, unwell or self-isolating and for our fantastic NHS and social care workers who cannot buy food at the times when it is available. It gives people across the town access to a sustainable team of registered volunteers and a large support structure.

Every home in the town will receive a copy of our orange leaflet through the door. Separately, you will receive a note from your nominated street coordinator with their contact details and letting you know how you can help.